Monday, July 1, 2013

New here :)

I have had the privilege of learning a ton of important things from a cousin of mine, whom at first, we all were like, really?  No Twinkies?  No sugar?  No meat?? Crazy~!~!
But Thanksgiving 2011 we were invited over to her home for dinner and I suggested to my husband, what should we make when we get home?  Dinner at her place was 1pm.  I thought for sure I was going to need something later on when we got back.  Considering she doesnt eat any meat, she made the most excellent free range Turkey you have ever tasted, along with sweet potato, stuffing, spinach salad with strawberries, etc., etc. We were still full at 6:30pm.  WHAT????!!  Still full?? How can this be?  Well, spending more and more time with her and her family, asking questions and becoming very intrigued with the whole idea of this kind of eating.  Healthy eating.  Nutritious eating.   Soon my husband and I were hooked.  We did well for the month after, then Christmas came along and we spent it with a different set of relatives.  Oops.  Not giving too much thought on the good way to eat after that, my husband and I continued down the spiral of no good.  May 1st 2012 we woke up feeling lousy, overweight, tired and unhappy.  We talked about how good we were feeling back then..... and bit the bullet and bought a vitamix blender and sure enough, from that day forward, our lives have changed.
I can't tell you we haven't cheated and had that naughty treat here and there, but I have become almost obsessed with eating well.  I read several great sites, and am always interested in learning as much as possible with eating Organic.  I've downloaded the apps, eating to live, not living to eat, how much food dictates our health and how the government is allowing almost anything be done to our food.
I dont buy that obesity is necessarily a disease, but a choice you make in life.  Your life.  Everyone has a choice, right?  Lets get started with the root of the problem.  You know exactly what it is too.
Wholefoods is my new best friend and I just love going there.  There are several smaller non-chain type stores which are also fantastic.  Everyone in these stores seems to have such a different outlook on life, such as first off, being friendly, being kind-- to everyone.  Really??  Like treating human beings like human beings?  Such a concept this is!!!  So helpful and willing to answer those 'dumb' questions.  We go everyweek to pick up our fresh veggies, fresh fruit, supplements etc.  It is better than Disneyland.
I get alot of folks giving me a hard time- how can you afford it? and I say, How can you not??  How can you only eat that?   "I choose good nutritious food, that fills me up. I do not need 1000 calories at every meal, and 500 at every snack".  Choosing to live healthy is certainly a choice.
I started this blog (I know there are so many) and I think 1 more can't hurt.  I want to tell folks simple things that have changed our lives.  And we are better off with this lifestyle.   Everyday I talk to folks about this lifestyle and I dont feel like I can give up.  I don't look at them like they are idiots-- they just don't know.  Folks are not informed.  Society tells us quick, fast, easy, cheap.  Pick it up-- on they way.  Don't have time to cook that whole big meal?  Pick up this extra value meal for $4.99 with 1800 calories, 2490 mg of sodium etc., etc.  OMG!!!!  You would think more folks would have strokes??!!!!!  It just boggles my mind- we were those people!!!!!  (and this is my first post!!!!!) Each person I talk to doesn't necessarily change their lives, but if I can help get them thinking about it, and perhaps change some things, so be it.  It is the best gift I can give you.  I feel like I know what it takes to get started, but there is soo much more to learn.....and  I am hungry for it.
I look forward to posting and reading and hearing from you- how we can continue to spread the word.
Plain and simple.  It really does a body good :)